The EyeGuardian provides safe transparent eye protection for patients while minimising cross-contamination risks and potential corneal abrasion

• Safe and simple alternative to tape and/or wound dressings
• One size fits most
• Easy to lift and reposition
• Breathable and fluid resistant
• Hypoallergenic
• Made in the USA
• Comes in Pack 200 (100 pairs)

Ideal for Operating Theatres, ICU, MRI, Day Surgeries, Emergency Departments.

In the current worldwide environment, EyeGuardian can assist in minimising exposure to your staff as well as reduce infection control risks to patients

Order Information

Code Description UOP
SH49369 Eyeguardian™ patient eye protection Pack 200
(100 Pairs)
SH42593 Eyeguardian™ Sensitive patient eye protection Pack 200
(100 Pairs)

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