NSC pulsed lavage systems are cost effective, disposable systems which allow for fast and effective removal of necrotic tissue, bacteria and other foreign debris, providing a clean wound bed.

The NSC pulsed lavage system has a high irrigation pressure and flow rate which reduces the risk of fat embolism and infection rates, facilitating healing. It provides an extremely clean bone surface for maximum strength of the bone-cement interface in total joint procedures, particularly knee or hip and as a general irrigation device for trauma cases.

Product uses:
– Orthopaedic surgery – total joint procedures (hip and knee)
– Trauma cases
– Emergency/ A&E departments
– Bone & tissue banks – to prepare the bone or tissue before milling or transplantation

The NSC pulsed lavage system includes both the standard and femoral nozzles, providing a more cost effective option than other systems. Femoral brush nozzle and universal short nozzles are available separately.

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