The CSSD/ sterilisation department plays a vital role in a healthcare facility. It is important that all reusable products and instruments are cleaned and sterilised according to Australian Standard AS4187. NSC has a range of products for specific use by any hospital or other healthcare CSSD/sterilisation department.

The NSC CSSD cleaning and sterilisation range includes various cleaning brushes, instrument tip protectors/guards, cleaning tools, sterilisation baskets and trays, containers and cleaning kits for use within a hospital or healthcare facility CSSD/sterilisation department.

The NSC CSSD cleaning brushes are used during the cleaning and sterilisation process at CSSD on surgical instruments, scopes, reamers, suction tubes, lights, LMA airways and anything else used in an operating theatre.

The cleaning brushes are available in various sizes and styles, with different diameters, single or double ended, coloured beaded for easy identification and reusable options.

The NSC range of CSSD cleaning brushes and equipment is selected from the Sharn Anesthesia USA range and other key suppliers who are leading providers of sterile processing and instrument care supplies. We aim to supply only the highest quality CSSD equipment and cleaning brushes.

NSC is a proud distributor of Sharn Anesthesia cleaning and sterilisation products and their extensive range offers cleaning brushes for general instruments, surgical instruments, endoscopes, laparoscopes and specialty equipment. Sharn Anesthesia has been providing hospitals, day surgeries and surgeons with quality anesthesia and cleaning equipment since 1983.

The NSC sterilisation baskets and trays offer a high quality stainless steel wire range which can be used in any sterilisation department. We also offer custom sizes to suit whatever you need to store during this process.