Protect patient’s eyes during operating theatre procedures. The gentle and clean alternative to tape. Stop using tape. Choose EyeGard instead.

NSC supplies the range of Eyegard patient eye protection products, used throughout the world. Eyegard protects the patient’s eyes during surgery in an operating theatre, day surgery, private clinic or laser clinic.

By placing an Eyegard on the patient, it ensures that the patient’s eye is closed, reducing the risk of drying out and potentially leading to corneal abrasion. Corneal abrasion is likely to occur in on the patient because the eye is not closed fully during a procedure and the eye dries out. About 60% of patients undergoing anaesthesia do not close their eyes naturally. The dry cornea may stick to the inside of the eyelid and the abrasion occurs when the eye opens again. Corneal abrasions are very painful.

The Eyegard is more gentle and softer than using tape and can protect thin, fragile skin around eyes. It is manufactured using specially formulated medical grade adhesive. The non-adhesive tab makes it easy to apply, reapply, and then easily remove with gloved hands. Clipped-edge design helps the patch conform to a variety of eye sizes and shapes.

Why use Eyegard patient eye protection?
– Saves time: no need to peel, cut and position the tape to make sure it is on properly. This can easily be done with gloved hands
– Easy to apply and easy to remove: EyeGard has a non-adhesive tab makes it easy to peel, apply and remove with gloved hands
– Reduces lash removal: the adhesive is light enough to reduce damage to the outer eye
– Protects: made of a latex-free, breathable, waterproof, hypoallergenic material.
– EyeGard protects your patient’s eyes far more effectively than manual taping
– Convenient: Comes in a dispenser box that can be mounted for easy access

Various sizes available: Adult, sensitive, extended wear, laser and paediatric. Dispenser/holder also available to securely store the Eyegard box on the wall, shelf or storage area.

See how easy the Eyegard is to use
Watch the video here to learn more about the Eyegard and see how easy it is to apply and remove

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