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NSC have a range of clinical protection products that can protect CSSD personnel when working in the CSSD/ sterilisation department whilst processing instruments and equipment from theatre or wards.

CSSD personnel safety is of upmost importance during the cleaning and sterilisation process. By ensuring that staff wear their PPE including eye and face shields will reduce the risk of any splashes and contamination during this process.

The NSC range of CSSD personnel protection products includes Clear Choice eye shields, face shields, splash shields and the enhanced Bettershield full face shield.

With the current worldwide Covid-19 outbreak, we are experiencing a back order of all face and eye shields. Our suppliers are not able to provide this range to us until at least May 2020. If you would like to be kept up-to-date with supply availability, please contact us, in the meantime we are unable to supply you. We apologise for this inconvenience 

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