PEI laparoscopic instruments are high quality, designed and manufactured in Australia which feature a 5 year no breakage warranty. PEI only design and manufacture laparoscopic Instruments and have years of expertise, developing their instruments with focus on the surgeon’s needs.

The PEI laparoscopic instrument range is lightweight and can be easily dismantled and reassembled for efficient cleaning and sterilisation.

PEI: world’s first dismantable laparoscopic instrument

PEI is unique in that it designed and manufactured the world’s first fully dismantable laparoscopic instrument.

In the 1990s, the only laparoscopic instruments on the market were integrated, unable to be disassembled. This made cleaning and sterilisation difficult and time consuming. In 1992, PEI designed the world’s first dismantable laparoscopic instrument and continued to perfect the instrument, introducing a diathermy handle for electrosurgical operations.

The PEI range has been continually improved and updated over the years and now has over 30 inserts.

Product uses:
– General surgery
– Gynaecological surgery
– Laparoscopic surgery
– Endoscopic surgery
– Gastroenterology surgery

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