NSC Privac-Tvac wound drainage systems are a cost effective, low suction system which combines gravity drainage to a maximum of 90mm hg/ 12 kPa active drainage.

The unique thumbhole bellows allow quick and easy vacuuming with one hand.
It is a closed system, complying with Australian Infection Control Standards, which feature non-return valves on the bellows and reservoir bag to ensure fluids move away from the wound and drain into bag.

Product uses:
– General surgery
– Orthopaedic surgery
– Breast surgery including mastectomies
– Gynaecological surgery
– Plastic surgery

The Privac-Tvac wound drain is a lightweight drain which can easily attach to the patient, and can remain discreet, especially if they have to go home with the drain. The thumbhole action allows the patient to easily vacuum the drain if necessary whilst at home.

They are sterile, single use with replacement bags available.
Low vacuum drains are considered more efficient in wound healing and will less likely cause any clogging within the drain. They can be used with any PVC, PUR or silicone drain.

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