NSC has a range of wound drainage systems for low suction, high suction, small volume, PVC drains, silicone channel ‘blake’ drains and penrose/capillary drains. NSC wound drainage systems can be used in any operating procedure including general surgery, breast surgery, orthopaedic surgery, hand and micro surgery, gynaecological surgery and plastic surgery.

Why wound drainage systems are used

Wound drains are placed in a patient’s wound to allow blood and other fluid to drain out of the body post-operatively. This drainage process reduces the risk of infection or hematomas forming and promotes healthy wound healing. Most patients who undergo an operation will have some form of drain attached to them, which may remain for 24-48 hours but can be up to 1 week for certain procedures. The NSC wound drains range are lightweight and easy to vacuum for the patient to take home if necessary.

NSC has the complete range of wound drainage systems that can be used in any operating theatre, day surgery or private clinic. The complete range can be used for all surgical disciplines. NSC has experienced personnel who can perform inservicing and education to hospital personnel.

Reliable wound drain supplier

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