NSC offer an extensive range of cleaning brushes for use in any CSSD/ sterilisation department to assist in the cleaning, processing and sterilising of all types of instruments and surgical equipment.

NSC cleaning brushes have a large range of both nylon bristles and stainless steel bristle cleaning brushes for efficient cleaning of instruments, which won’t damage surgical instruments.

The NSC cleaning brush range includes:

– General instrument cleaning brushes/ multi-use cleaning brushes
– Suction tubes cleaning brushes
– Endoscope/laparoscope cleaning brushes
– Flexible scope cleaning brushes
– Laparoscope cleaning brushes
– Specialty cleaning brushes
– Cannula cleaning brushes
– Hand and nail brushes
– Pipe cleaners
– Toothbrush style cleaning brushes
– Cleaning brush kits

The cleaning brushes are available as individual units in packs or there are a range of kits available. There are reusable or single use options with various lengths and diameters. Our large range ensures that you have the brush you need for the instrument requiring cleaning.

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