NSC have a range of PPE & protection products that can protect all levels of hospital personnel including operating theatre personnel, wards, CSSD and sterilisation technicians, patients whilst in the operating theatre and surgical personnel.

The NSC range of PPE & personnel protection product used to be catered for CSSD departments to avoid splashes and debris coming into contact with technicians in sterilisation departments. Now, the current climate means that all levels of hospital personnel must wear PPE throughout their entire shift.

The NSC range of PPE & personnel protection products include Clear Choice eye shields, Clear Choice face shields, Splash shields and the full face Bettershield face shield. The Bettershield provides a superior coverage over the face to cover the contours of the face, providing a smarter choice for infection prevention.

These are available as complete all-in-one face shields, or individual lenses and frames, where the frames can be reused and the lenses are disposed of after use.

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