The operating theatre is one of the most important areas within a hospital or other healthcare facility. The majority of hospitals will have at least one operating theatre which can be used by various surgical specialties to perform elective and emergency procedures.

NSC has an extensive range of sterile and non-sterile products which can be used by surgical personnel in any specialty within the operating theatre. The range of consumable products includes wound drainage systems, electrosurgical plates and pencils, pulsed lavage systems and skin staplers. The range of surgical instruments are essential for any operating theatre and NSC can supply Medicon, Made in Germany, surgical instruments, PEI laparoscopic instruments, and BOB economic range instruments.

NSC can also improve your theatre store room, sterile store rooms, equipment room and other OT storage areas utilising a range of chrome wire shelving, trolleys, Pegasus high density storage systems, carts and baskets.

NSC has extensive knowledge of the necessities of an operating theatre and can provide inservice and education for all surgeons, nurses and other personnel.

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