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Medichill Cool Cubes Ice & Heat Packs are Australian designed and made ice pads and ice bandages for cold therapy and warming. Medichill Cool Cube Pads & Bandages utilise harnessed and contained water. They are simple and quick to use and can be used chilled, frozen or heated to provide medication-free pain relief for various wards within a hospital ward.

Medichill can be used on any hospital ward or recovery unit to provide pain relief for patient’s post-operatively. In recovery, the packs can be heated to treat hypothermia and the ice bandage can be used for malignant hypothermia which can be laid over torso

Ideal for natural pain relief for labour and maternity wards
Replace the use of ice, wet towels, saline packets and reduce your labour costs, minimise risk of infection control and reduce potential hazards to employees by using Medichill Cool Cubes.

Medichill is especially useful in the maternity ward where is can be used for multiple purposes including during labour for soothing relief of discomfort as well as postnatally for sore breasts, bruising perineum, haemorrhoids or caesarean section scars.

Using Medichill Cool Cubes in the surgical ward or theatre recovery
The Medichill Ice Bandage is ideal for use in surgical wards or theatre recovery especially after orthopaedic procedures or breast procedures. They can be wrapped around larger including the shoulders, knees, hips, breasts, under the arms and many other areas.

Medichill can be used in radiology to numb areas prior to fine needle aspirations or biopsies and post-procedure to relieve discomfort.

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