Put a smile on your manager’s face as well as your patients

Are you using ice, frozen saline sachets, wet towels, cabbage leaves or other methods to provide comfort to your patients during or post labour?

Then you should consider using Medichill Peri-Pads and Cool Cubes!

Nurses are very creative and have devised some weird and wonderful ice packs to help ease their patient’s perineal pain after childbirth. The hidden costs of these remedies are not sustainable in the long term for a busy maternity ward.

The Australian made Medichill Perineal Cool Cubes are the answer to soothe any discomfort for mothers during or post labour.

The Perineal Cool Pads absorbs and retains clean water, that can then be frozen or chilled to offer a comforting, medication-free solution to pain and soreness to the perineum.

The Medichill Perineal Cool Cubes can be easily stored in the freezer for single patient use when needed and provide a low cost, medication-free pain relief.

See below how this can benefit you and your patients!

medichill-post natal -ip22

Benefits to your maternity ward

√ Reduces OH&S risks to staff

Medichill does not drip, reducing the risks of slips/falls on wet floors, no need to carry bulky items across wards

√ Reduces personnel time wastage

Medichill can be pre-prepared with minimal staff attendance and stored in the fridge

√ Reduces costs

The cost to produce your own cold therapy has hidden time costs, compared to Medichill

√ Reduces storage space needs

Medichill is light and small, very easy to store before use

Benefits to your patients

√ Provides comfort post-natally

Can be cut to size to fit easily in underwear to soothe perineum inflammation  or haemorrhoids

√ Relieve painful breast engorgement

Assist with pain management and flow of milk during engorgement, mastitis or blocked ducts (used chilled)

√ Reduces risk of cross infection

by providing a disposable, single patient use product that is easy to use and administer

√ Provides comfort during labour

Use hot or cold for back, shoulder or neck pain


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