Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgical Instruments

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Medicon have an extensive range of instruments for cardiovascular and thoracic surgical and diagnostic procedures in any operating theatre, private clinic, private rooms, surgical ward, day surgery or outpatient clinic.

The range of cardiovascular surgery and thoracic surgery instruments including aorta punches, tunnelling sets, valvulotomes, atraumatic vascular forceps, cardiovascular clamps, cardiovascular needleholders, cardiovascular retractors, spatulas, cardiovascular surgical scissors, dissecting forceps, ligature forceps, micro vessel clips, vessel clips, clip applying forceps, raspatories, dilators, tourniques, rib shears, rib spreaders and sternal retractors.

Some of our customer’s favourites and most popular ENT instruments include Cooley rib spreaders, DeBakey AT cardiovascular clamps, DeBakey AT bulldog clamps, aorta punches, Cooley bronchus clamps, DeBakey vascular dilators, Mueller approximators and many others….

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