Echidna rack – E style

Code: ECH-RK-E

Echidna E racks can be designed and installed with multiple bays

E single bay: 437 x 690 x 2015mm
Each additional bay: 437 x 637 x 2004mm

Echidna racks can be installed with any of the Pegasus modules (ABS plastic baskets, wire baskets, flat shelves, solid shelves and trays).

The Echidna rack system is a completely sealed system, there are no open holes within the frames and therefore all surfaces can easily be cleaned and this improves infection control techniques.

Echidna racks can be equipped with either telescopic slides (for loads over 10kg) or standard plastic side rails. The basket stops allow baskets, trays and some shelves to be removed without falling, which enables the user to easily take out contents of the module. This also improves stock rotation and organisation.

Label holders and plates can be snapped on to the frames and moved to any height.

Images show E Echidna rack with ABS plastic baskets