Echidna rack with wire shelves

Code: ECH-RK-4

Echidna rack with 4 bays and flat wire shelves

Dimensions of 4 bay: 637x1828x2015mm

Mulitple bays can be added or removed to maximise the use of space

U bay Echidna racks installed with wire shelves are ideal for sterile pack storage. Up to 13 shelves can be installed in each bay, which allows sterile packs to be placed on each shelf. Reducing the need to stack sterile trays on top of each other. This reduces potential OH&S risks and risk of the sterile wrap (kimguard) tearing.

The wire instrument trays can be pulled out without the tray falling and sterile pack removed easily without sliding across the shelf.

Echidna racks can be equipped with either telescopic slides (for loads over 10kg) or standard plastic side rails