EyeGard patient eye protection – Sensitive

Code: S2020-M
EyeGard patient eye protection – sensitive

  • Efficient and safe eye protection for patients during surgery
  • Simple alternative to sticky tape
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Waterproof adhesive seal
  • Non-sterile

EyeGard Eye Covers are a transparent barrier specifically designed to cover and protect closed eyes during surgery. The material and adhesive together form a breathable, waterproof seal. With the non-adhesive tab, each cover is easy to remove or reposition as needed, even with gloved hands. Each card comes with two EyeGard Eye Covers, fresh and clean for each patient straight from the dispenser


EyeGard Sensitive features a different material with a gentler adhesive than the adult regular. This product seems to work best on patients with delicate or sensitive skin. It features a purple tab with a lighter adhesive


UOP: Pack 100 (50 Pairs)

SKU: S2020-M