Gel positioning pad – presentation wrist pad

Code: GP2109-1

Universal armboard pad – 60x16x1cm

This gel pad supports the patient whilst in supine, lateral positions . Manufactured in soft polymer viscoelastic gel with foam core, 100% free of silicone, latex or plasticiser.

Presentation gel pads support and protects the wrist during surgery

Assists in reducing patient pressure and avoiding the risk of bed sores and nerve injury

– X-Ray, MRI, radiation safe
– High thermal capacity – pads can be pre-warmed in hot air (<37°) to minimise patient’s heat loss
– Pads are non-conductive, can be used in various electrosurgical procedures
– Clean with water or hospital disinfectants
– Can be sterilised in wet, cold sterilisers. Do not use in gas steriliser, autoclave, washing machine, dryer

Ideal for use in arm and elbow procedures where the patient is lying on their back or side to support the patient’s wrist and hand


SKU: GP2109-1