GreenGuard recycled corner guards for sterilisation trays/baskets

Code: GM00300

GreenGuard tray corner protectors – made from recycled polypropylene

• Developed in consultation with hospital sterilisation departments in Tasmania
• Elevates the tray to allow optimised circulation of sterilant
• Has a clean, nicely rounded shape with no sharp edges
• Reprocessing and washing of GreenGuards is not required which reduces time for staff preparing trays
• Manufactured from 100% recycled #5 Polypropylene
• Fully recyclable via co-mingled recycling within the hospital
• Single use item which reduces costs associated with losing high value reusable guards

Protects trays from rips, holes and tears in sterilisation wrap due to sharp tray corners or stacking on trays. Elevated height gives your trays space to help circulate air.

Single use – recycle after use!

UOP: Box 300

Contact us to discuss this Australian made, recycled & recyclable corner guard and how it can assist your sterilisation department!

SKU: CP-01-1