Orthopaedic Surgery Instruments

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Medicon have an extensive range of instruments for orthopaedic surgery and diagnostic procedures in any operating theatre, private clinic, private rooms, surgical ward, day surgery or outpatient clinic.


The range of orthopaedic surgery instruments includes arthroscopy instruments, amputation instruments, bone cutting forceps, bone holding forceps, bone rongeurs, knee retractors, motor systems, instruments for orthopaedic implant procedures and tendon instruments.


Some of our customer’s favourites and most popular orthopaedic surgery instruments include Kirschner wires, Oscillating plaster saws, Lister bandage scissors, Stille plaster shears, universal scissors, orthopaedic screwdrivers, bending irons and templates, pelvic reposition forceps, Liston bone cutting forceps and Ruskin bone rongeurs.


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SKU: medicon-ortho-surgey