Salus underbench rack with underbench cart


Salus underbench racks – U style with underbench cart

Single bay: 630 x 515 x 906mm
Each add on bay: 630 x 480 x 906mm
Multiple bays can be installed to maximise use of space

Underbench cart – 685 x 1058 x 875mm
Specific bay for storing underbench cart can be installed as part of underbench rack system

4 x 10cm modules per bay – installed on high quality plastic rails or telescopic slides

Underbench racks to suit your storage area. Install multiple racks under existing or new benchtops.

Create a clean and dust free environment, racks can be easily accessed underneath for cleaning and benchtops can be disinfected. All Salus underbench racks can be used with any of the Pegasus modules (baskets, wire shelves, wire baskets, trays).

Maximise storage by installing louvre panels along top of benchtop for chrome wire baskets.

Image shows single Salus underbench rack with 10cm ABS plastic baskets (dust free) and underbench cart