Sterilisation basket – replace green plastic trays

Sterilisation basket/tray – replace green plastic trays – either with wire mesh base with perforated sides or full wire mesh


Various sizes available including:

  • 180x150x30mm
  • 200x75x30mm
  • 200x100x40mm
  • 270x100x40mm
  • 270x150x30mm
  • 300x270x60mm
  • 400x135x60mm
  • 400x270x60mm
  • 540x300x60mm
  • 300x205x40mm


NSC sterilisation trays and baskets can be used to securely store and transport surgical instruments during the cleaning and sterilisation process.


Manufactured with 304 stainless steel, making them compatible with all types of detergents. Available in sizing to replace your green plastic trays.


Smooth, rounded surfaces with no sharp edges to ensure protection of instruments, reduce potential OH&S risks to CSSD personnel and prevent damage of gloves or wraps. Small micro mesh basket to securely store small items