Sterilisation basket with silicone inserts

Sterilisation basket with lid including silicone inserts along base and silicone strip on lid


The silicone inserts provide a secure way to hold instruments, endoscopes and other items in the tray.


This range features 2 silicone inserts along the bottom of the tray and 1 silicone strip on the lid to hold down any instruments that are being sterilised.

Manufactured with 304 stainless steel, making them compatible with all types of detergents

Smooth, rounded surfaces with no sharp edges to ensure protection of instruments, reduce potential OH&S risks to CSSD personnel and prevent damage of gloves or wraps


Available in a variety of sizes including 220x80x30mm, 220x105x30mm, 220x145x30mm, 220x210x30mm, 220x275x30mm, 480x220x30mm, 200x50x40mm. Custom sizes also available as well as additional silicone inserts.