Stomach, Intestine, Rectum Instruments

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Medicon have an extensive range of surgical or medical stomach, rectum and intestine instruments for use in the operating theatre, day surgery, private rooms, surgical wards, medical centres, outpatient clinic and any other healthcare facility. They can be used in any surgical environment during abdominal surgery, laparoscopic surgery, gall bladder removal and colorectal surgery.


The range includes anoscopes, sphincteroscopes, proctoscopes, fistula probes, rectal snares, forceps, cotton carriers, scissors, haemorrhoid instruments, intestinal clamps, pylorus clamps, rectal specula, rectal spreader, pelvis retractors, rectal retractors and stomach and intestinal instruments


Some of our customer’s favourites and most popular stomach, rectum and intestine instruments include the Babcock AT grasping forceps, Bodenhammer Sims rectal speculum, Doyen intestinal clamp, Kelly sphincteroscope, Lockhart Mummery probe and rectal biopsy forceps.


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SKU: medicon-stomach-intestine-rectum