Surgiblake silicone channel drain with 100ml bulb set – 10FG

Code: SB100-02
Surgiblake silicone channel drain with 100ml bulb, 10FG drain and trocar

Size: 3 x 380mm
Radio opaque, Latex Free, Single Use
Can be used with any low vacuum drain

Soft and flexible silicone drain with four flow channels to reduce tissue ingrowth. Ideal for use in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, breast surgery (especially mastectomies) and other surgery where the drain may remain in place for an extended time (longer than 48 hours).

NSC Surgiblake drains are manufactured with a single piece extrusion, which makes it more durable, reducing the risk of breakage compared with two piece silicone drain designs.

Bulb is small in size so can be easily squeezed with single hand

UOP: Box 10

SKU: SB100-02