Surgical Needleholders

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Medicon have an extensive range of surgical or medical needleholders for use in the operating theatre, day surgery, private rooms, wards, medical centres and any other healthcare facility.


Medicon Surgical Needleholders are high quality and available in a range to suit your operating needs. Needleholders can be used for various surgical procedures and are essential for every theatre.

The range of surgical needleholders include standard needleholders, needleholders with Tungsten Carbide inserts, micro needleholders, micro 2000 needleholders and many other general use surgical needleholders.

Medicon Needleholders with Tungsten Carbide inserts have the following options:

  • Regular: 0.5mm for use with sutures up to size 4-0
  • Fine: 0.4mm for delicate needles and suture sizes 5-0 and 6-0
  • Extra Fine: 0.3mm for use with micro needles and sutures up to size 10-0
  • Smooth: For delicate needles and suture sizes 7-0 and 10-0

Some of our customer’s favourites and most popular needleholders are the Crilewood (Debakey) needleholder, Neivert needleholder, Halsey needleholder, Mayo-Hegar needleholder and Barraquer micro needleholders.


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