Vicolab silicone work surface mat – 2400x1200x3mm

Code: SHV578623

Vicolab silicone work surface packing bench mat – 2400x1200x3mm

Large flexible silicone work surface cover mat can be placed over stainless steel packing tables and benches to protect instruments during the inspection and cleaning process

The flat mat is ideal for protection of surgical instruments. Working on a stainless steel surface can be hard on instruments. With the silicone work surface mat you can protect sensitive pointed instruments and preserve sharp, fragile and delicate instruments against continually aggressive knocks, increasing the length of the lifetime of the instruments

Noise is diminished because there is no contact of instruments direct on the stainless steel worktable.

No reflective glare off the stainless steel worktable due to coverage of silicone flat mat, working conditions are improved.

One size is available: 2400 x 1200 x 3mm to cover all sizes of packing benches in sterilisation departments. It can be cut to any size, for example to put around microscopes areas

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SKU: SHV578623

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