Medichill perineal pad & small injury –
15cm x 6cm

Code: IP22-100
Medichill Cool Cubes perineal pad – 15cm x 6cm


Used in maternity and labour wards worldwide for postpartum perineum pain. Also provides during labour, mastitis or blocked ducts and bruising after surgical breast procedures. Also can be used for small children’s injuries. Can also be used as a dermatome test after an epidural, to soothe haemorroids, provide post-operative, localised pain relief for small injuries.

Can be used chilled, frozen or warm. Covers are also available

UOP: Bag 100 or discounted pricing if you purchase 10 x Bags 100

Available on tender for Public Hospitals in NSW, QLD, SA and off-tender in all other States

SKU: IP22-100