Medichill ice & heat pad – 13cm x 22cm

Code: IP43
Medichill Cool Cubes ice pad – 13 x 22cm

A larger pad ideal for large trauma: post operative, burns treatment, accident, emergency, general injuries. Perfect size for adult soft tissue injuries – a pad with multiple applications.

Multipurpose ice pad, can be used in any hospital department or area including theatre recovery, surgical wards, Accident & Emergency, first aid/ paramedics, maternity and labour. Ideal alternative to analgesia for patients awaiting treatment.

At the size of 13cm x 22cm, this Medichill Cool Cube sheet has the ability to treat a variety of soft tissue inflammations, joint injury, ligament injury and sprains, which represent a large percentage of all presented cases.

Can be cut to size to suit patient’s needs. Can be used chilled, frozen or warm, Cover is also available.

Selection of pack sizes available: Bag 100 (IP43-100) or Pack of 1000 (IP43-1000)

Available on tender for Public Hospitals in NSW, QLD, SA and off-tender in all other States