Neurosurgery Instruments

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Medicon have an extensive range of neurosurgery surgical instruments for use in spinal neurosurgery, cranial neurosurgery and diagnostic procedures in any operating theatre, private clinic, private rooms, surgical ward or outpatient clinic.


The neurosurgery range includes basic instruments such as titanium clips, retractors and bone ronguers as well as specialised instruments for spinal and cranial operations. This includes spinal spreading systems, minimally invasive products, rongeurs, neurosurgery forceps, neurosurgery spatulas, neurosurgery scissors, micro instruments, hooks, trocars, dissectors and skull punches.


Some of our customer’s favourites and most popular neurosurgery instruments include Love Gruenwald intervertebral discs rongeurs, Cone ring curettes, Caspar nerve root retractor for micro lumbar discectomy, Inge lamina spreaders, Gigli wire saw handle and Ray pituitary curette.


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