Surgical Scalpel Blades & Handles

Code: medicon-scalpel-blades-handles
Medicon have an extensive range of surgical or medical scalpel blades and handles for use in the operating theatre, day surgery, private rooms, wards, medical centres and any other healthcare facility.


The range of surgical scalpel consists of 21 handles and 18 blade shapes. They are manufactured in Stainless Steel ensures a high quality and sharp blade for incisions, to puncture or cut the skin and durable reusable scalpel handle. The Medicon scalpel blades can be used with Medicon scalpel handles or any other branded scalpel handles.


Some of our customer’s favourites and most popular sizes and styles includes the #3 scalpel handle, #7 scalpel handle and blades #10, #11 and #15 but we do stock the entire range.


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SKU: medicon-scalpel-blades-handles