NSC Product Brochures & Literature

National Surgical Corporation have a range of brochures for all products in our range. To download, please click on the link below, alternatively, if you would like hard copies of these brochures, please contact us

Note that these PDFs are email versions, so quality on some of the images may be reduced. We can provide you with high resolution versions at any time.

Wound drainage systems

Privac-Low wound drainage systems (1.2 MB)

Privac-Tvac wound drainage systems (1.1 MB)

Privac-Mini wound drainage systems (978 KB)

Privac-High wound drainage systems (1.2 MB)

Privac-Reinfusion wound drainage systems (911 KB)

Surgiblake silicone channel wound drain (1 MB) - *UPDATED* May 2022

Electrosurgical/diathermy range

Electrosurgical/diathermy pencils and electrodes (1.1 MB)

Electrosurgical REM pads/plates (1.7 MB)

Smoke evacuation electrosurgical/diathermy pencils (930 KB)

Quiver - reusable (718 KB) *NEW Dec 2020*

Operating theatre consumables

Pulsed lavage system (1.1 MB)

Skin stapler and remover (356 KB)

Purekeys Medical Keyboards - *NEW - January 2023*

Hospital Jugs & Bowls - *NEW - June 2023*

Surgical instruments & Laparoscopic instruments

Medicon surgical instrument overview (323 KB)

Medicon ring cutter (234 KB)

Medicon Oscillo Compact plaster saw (287 KB)

Medicon Kirschner wires (2 MB)

Medicon Tebbetts retractor (355 KB) *UPDATED*

Medicon Medicut scissors (407 KB)

There are a range of Medicon surgical instrument catalogues - contact us to request one

PEI high quality, Australian made reusable laparoscopic instruments (4 MB)

Cleaning and sterilisation products

NSC CSSD cleaning brushes, sterilisation and equipment range (3 MB) *NEW March 2023*

NSC sterilisation trays and baskets (4.1 MB) - *NEW - January 2023*

Silicone instrument mats (330 KB) - *NEW June 2023*

Probe & Scope transport tray (3 MB)

Greenguard recycled corner protectors (1.8 MB) - *NEW November 2023*

Personnel Protection products (PPE)

Eye & Face Shields Protection Products (2.3 MB)

Bettershield CSSD Face Shields (627 KB)

Patient comfort

Medichill Cool Cubes ice and heat packs for Hospital & Healthcare (4 MB) - *NEW - November 2022*

Medichill Perineal Pack (651 KB) - *NEW - November 2022*

Medichill Facial Trauma/Dental Pack and Cover (608 KB) - *NEW - November 2022*

Medichill Instant Ice Pack (1 MB) - *NEW - November 2022*

Medichill Soft Gel Pack (1 MB) - *NEW - November 2022*

Eyegard patient eye protection (885 KB)

Vacuform operating theatre positioning system (358 KB)

Gel patient positioning products (2 MB)

Shelving and storage

NSC shelving and storage complete catalogue - *NEW - Sept 2023*

Chrome wire maxi baskets (974 KB)

Chrome wire catheter baskets (648 KB)

Chrome wire bed/recovery baskets (734 KB)

NSC Pegasus high density modular storage systems (734 KB)

NSC Pegasus Echidna racks and carts

NSC Pegasus Ecoline hospital and procedure carts (734 KB)

NSC Pegasus Salus aluminium transport cart

NSC Pegasus Hermes case carts

NSC Compactors Top Track (734 KB)

NSC CSSD height adjustable tables (734 KB)

Shelving & Storage Solutions for CSSDs

Shelving & Storage for Cath Labs

Accessories for chrome wire shelving & storage

Labelling for shelving & storage

PPE storage station

Wire louvre panel