Medichill Orthopaedic ice wrap

Code: IB01-100
Medichill Orthopaedic Ice Wrap / Ice Bandage

Size: 22cm x 46cm

Recommended for the rehabilitation of patients after orthopaedic surgery. A large sheet at 42 x 22cm that can be wrapped or slit and draped around areas like shoulders, knees, hips. They can also be secured in place using the Medichill cohesive compression bandage.

The Ice Wrap is used to help speed up recovery following a knee replacement, hip replacement or shoulder surgery.

The large ice wrap is flexible and lightweight, making it easy for patients to use without assistance. Cold therapy can be used to ease pain and swelling around the joint and to the incision site. Use heated for Contrast Thermal therapy during later stages of rehabilitation.

Also suitable for small soft tissue and large sports injuries like hamstrings, quadriceps as well as chronic back and neck conditions.

UOP: Pack of 100

Available on tender for Public Hospitals in NSW, QLD, SA and off-tender in all other States

SKU: IB01-100