Medichill facial trauma pack

Code: DPC (Pad and Cover), DC (Cover only)

Medichill Facial Trauma Pack/ Dental Pad with Adjustable Cover

The Dental Ice Pack combines the unique Medichill Cool Cubes with a latex-free, adjustable non-slip compression cover. Providing soothing comfort and natural pain relief following dental, maxillofacial and oral cosmetic surgery.

Ideal for Oral/Maxillofacial (OMF, CMF) surgery including wisdom teeth extraction. Pack includes the Australian made Medichill ice pack (DPC-1) and the adjustable head cover. The head cover is a soft washable, latex free fabric that has stretch and adjustability that suits most head sizes. It has two pockets on the inside that hold the Medichill Cool Cubes in place securely.

Easy to apply and remove, even by the patient. Reusable and additional Medichill cool cubes can be placed inside as the other one refreezes.

Selection of pack sizes available:

Pads and Covers pack – Available in Pack 50/100/200

Covers only – Available in Pack 50/100/200/500

SKU: DPC (Pad and Cover), DC (Cover only)