Medichill ice & heat pad – 12cm x 17cm

Code: IP32
Medichill ice pad – 12 x 17cm

Can be used for children, relieving the discomfort of the painful breasts and breast engorgement for breastfeeding mothers (used chilled not frozen), assisting with pain management and flow of milk during mastitis or blocked ducts (used warm).

Can be cut to suit the patient’s needs, then simply disposed of afterwards or can be reused on the same patient.

Used worldwide for variety of children soft tissue trauma, because they are safe, clean, effective and economical

As with the IP42, a must for all hospital paediatric departments. A unique size pad suitable for just about all children’s injuries, especially ankles and wrists.

Selection of pack sizes available: Bag 100 (IP32-100) or Pack of 1000 (IP32-1000)

Available on tender for Public Hospitals in NSW, QLD, SA and off-tender in all other States