Medichill instant ice pack

Code: IN50/ IN50-LRG
Medichill instant ice pack – 2 sizes available:

IN50: Medium – 10 x 16cm
IN50-LRG: Large – 15 x 20cm

No refridgeration required, chemical reaction ice packs. Ammonium nitrate free. Ideal for emergency soft tissue trauma and general first aid.

Can be used quickly and easily for as an emergency ice packs, requiring no refrigeration. Ideal for A&E departments, medical centres, physios, sporting events, paramedics and other medical emergences. Quick activation and treatment for injuries for natural pain relief. No shelf life restriction, they will last for years and will always therefore be ready for use when needed most.

The Instant Ice Pack is easily activated, feel pack to locate inner pouch of water then either punch or squeeze until the inner pouch ruptures and within a few seconds the pack will drop in temperature to around 0 degrees, which is dependent on the ambient temperatures at the time.

UOP: Pack 50