NSC have an extensive range of high quality and durable surgical instruments including Medicon surgical instruments and the cost effective BOB surgical instrument range. These instruments are reusable and can be used in any operating theatre within a hospital, day surgery, private clinic or other healthcare facility.

The surgical instrument range includes essential theatre items such as surgical scissors, forceps, needleholders, retractors and towel clamps as well as specialised surgical instruments for a range of surgical disciplines.

NSC can provide a quote for any surgical instrument you require, we can provide comparison instruments to what you may have now or need to upgrade or replace. Having so many surgical instruments can be overwhelming, so let NSC do the hard work for you and identify and locate the instruments you need. Talk to us now about how we can do this for you today.

NSC also have available disposable or single use surgical instruments which can reduce the cost of reprocessing. This includes the CJD instrument kit, which is a single use instrument kit for patient’s suspected of having Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.