Vacuform is a unique patient positioning and bedding range that is ideal for use in any operating theatre, The Vacuform 2.0 patient bedding is made from a microspace system, which allows the mattress to adapt perfectly to the body using microballs of styrofoam, stabilised by vacuum to give a lasting, completely supportive form. This reduces the risk of bed sores during lengthy procedures or in the elderly by adapting to the patient’s body resulting in an even distribution of contact pressure, preserving micro-circulation.

The patient can be fixed quickly and safely in any required position, giving the surgeon optimum access to the operation site. There is a large range of mattresses available for operations to the shoulders, hips, legs, feet and special designs for lateral positions.

Product uses:
-Hospital operating theatre
-Day surgery
-Any type of surgical procedure
-Ideal when upgrading operating theatres and hospitals
There is also a range of Vacuform surgical cushions and accessories for complete comfort and support to the patient.

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Education material available

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Vacuform 2.0 range includes: