NSC electrosurgical pencils are a cost effective, sterile, single use which can be used in any procedure. The extensive range allows surgeons to select the tip, switch and accessories to ensure a streamlined procedure.

The NSC electrosurgical pencils feature an exclusive non memory cord which allows for easier set up – the cord won’t coil or rebound when passing off, reducing contamination of drapes or setups.

They are versatile to suit all operating needs with interchangeable tips for compatibility with most NSC or other branded electrode tips and can connect to all modern electrosurgical generators.

Product uses:
– General surgery
– Orthopaedic surgery
– Gynaecological surgery
– Plastic surgery

The surgeon has the ability to control cutting and coagulation settings using either the button or rocker style switch. Teflon tips are available to reduce build up of eschar and can be cleaned quickly with a sponge/cloth during surgery.

Various sterile electrode tips available to meet individual surgery requirements including Teflon, stainless steel, insulated or needlepoint.

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