NSC can offer customised and standardised chrome wire shelving systems which can be designed to fit inside your sterilisation storage area including sterile store rooms, set up trolleys and decontamination areas. NSC can discuss your storage requirements for your sterilisation department and offer suggestions and advice based on our range and what is most appropriate for the area.

NSC provides CAD design drawings with our quotations to demonstrate the scale and storage capacity of the area. This allows our customers to get a better understanding of the layout and make changes as required.

The NSC chrome wire shelving systems are available as static shelving or trolley/mobile shelving systems. They are clean, stylish and modern in appearance and ideal for safe movement of instruments, sterilised & unsterilised trays from CSSD to Theatre or other departments. Shelving systems are designed to keep your items/stock off the ground and provide easy access for cleaning of floor and wall areas.

The durable and high quality chrome wire shelving or trolley systems are available with adjustable shelf heights to suit the size of items to be stored. Angled shelves are also available to display products.

Chrome wire shelving features:
– Allows air to circulate over stored items and helps prevent dust collection
– Reduces time, labour and frequency of cleaning and dust downs
– Custom designed and built to ensure maximum storage capacity
– High load capacity and structural rigidity
– Height adjustable shelves
– All units can be mounted with castors for mobility
– Wide range of storage accessories

By installing NSC chrome wire shelving or trolley units, the area can be dramatically improved in terms of space and cleanliness.

CSSD Product uses:
– CSSD/ sterilisation store room
– Sterile stock rooms
– Deboxing rooms
– Set up trolleys

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