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Medichill cool cubes are ice pads and ice bandages for comforting pain relief. Medichill is a natural and medication free pain relief option for patients and staff.

Medichill is a thermal therapy which minimises oral analgesia and patient administered analgesia for pain relief. It can minimise cross-infection due to its ability to be economically disposed of after use and assists in promoting prompt recovery for patients after medical procedures.

Medichill is useful in the recovery ward where it can be used to provide comfort to patient’s who have undergone shoulder, knee, back, ankle surgery. It provides a more cost effective, less OH&S risk than using ice.

Medichill is a versatile system which can be cut to size according to the patient’s needs – the bandages are large enough for relief post orthopaedic surgery on knees, hips and shoulders and small enough for dermal testing and perineal trauma pain.

Medichill can become cold enough for instant relief and stays frozen longer than ice. It can also be warmed for muscle rehabilitation and other soothing relief.

The ideal options of Medichill for operating theatres/recovery departments are the Orthopaedic ice wrap/bandage (IB01) and the facial/trauma recovery pack. These can be used on patient’s after orhopaedic procedures and major dental or ENT procedures.

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