NSC have a range of high quality gel positioning products for use in any operating theatre, day surgery, doctors rooms or clinic.

Gel pads are used in surgical procedures to support the patient. They can be used on any part of the body to assist in the operation by providing access to the surgical site, or to provide comfort to the patient in longer procedures, preventing nerve damage or nerve ulcers.

Being in different positions during surgery poses risks to the patient. Using patient positioners aims to reduce these risks.

The NSC patient positioning pads and mats are made from soft polymer viscoelastic gel. They are 100% free of silicone, latex or plasticiser. They have a high thermal capacity – pads can be pre-warmed in hot air (<37°) to minimise patient’s heat loss.

The gel pads are are radiolucent. MRI and X-Ray compatible, radiation treatment safe.

They are waterproof and can be cleaned with hospital disinfectants, water or
alcohol. Sterilise in wet, cold sterilisers only

We offer a 1 year warranty and they are TGA registered

Many styles and sizes available for arms, shoulders, head, neck, feet, lower limbs, chest and body

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