NSC smoke evacuation pencils are cost effective, sterile, single use which can be used in any procedure. The most popular model (STF70) features a 70mm Teflon tip on an extendable shaft with a 2.3 metre hose with 60cm cabling integrated within the suction tube. No other tubing is required, reducing hospital costs.

All smoke evacuation pencils are compatible with either stand alone smoke evacuation systems or wall suctions. Model STF70 includes 3 different end connectors to suit various operating theatre suction devices.

The NSC smoke evacuation pencils have a swivel connector to reduce pencil twisting in surgeon’s hands and ensures hose doesn’t interfere with procedure.

Product uses:
– General surgery
– Orthopaedic surgery
– Gynaecological surgery
– Plastic surgery

More research has been developing on smoke plume and its potentially harmful effects on surgical personnel.

During surgical procedures using electrosurgical products, the thermal destruction of tissue creates a smoke by-product. In the USA the NIOSH (the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) have also studied electrosurgical smoke at length. They state:

“Research studies have confirmed that this smoke plume can contain toxic gases and vapours such as benzene, hydrogen cyanide, and formaldehyde, bioaerosols, dead and live cellular material (including blood fragments), and viruses.”

Some of the effects of inhaling surgical plume include headaches, flu-like symptoms, upper respiratory irritation and in-vitro mutagenic potential.

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