Echidna racks are the new rack system designed by Pegasus. They feature the same features and benefits of the open frame racks but have improved infection control.

The Echidna rack system is a completely sealed system, there are no open holes within the frames and therefore all surfaces can easily be cleaned.

The entire system is made of powder-coated aluminium; therefore, it can be cleaned with a variety of liquids.

It is ideal for your operating theatre and central sterilisation environment for storage
of sterile trays and packs. Echidna racking can also be used in any other storage area
throughout the hospital.

Echidna racks are installed in two orientations – U (400mm wide) & E (600mm wide) to enable NSC to design a solution to maximum storage capacity within a given area. A U type rack will provide more storage on a given wall while an E type will improve visibility of products and provide a solution for narrow corridors.

Echidna racks with wire shelves are ideal for sterile tray storage in sterilisation departments.