There are over 10,000 high quality, Made in Germany surgical instruments in the extensive range from Medicon.

NSC has been a very proud distributor of Medicon surgical instruments in Australia for over 10 years and this strong relationship has ensured our long term training and understanding of surgical instruments. Our expert knowledge of the requirements of surgeons, nurses, theatre personnel and CSSD staff allows us to identify the ideal instrument and suggest tray options.

All Medicon instruments have a 10 year replacement warranty on materials and workmanship.

Medicon has been designing and manufacturing surgical instruments since 1941 and is now a co-operative comprising 16 member companies of which each specialises in a product range.

All Medicon surgical instruments are ‘Made in Germany’ – according to strict standards to ensure the instruments produced are high quality and durable for long lasting use by surgeons.

Medicon surgical instruments:
– Have both the mechanical and product engineering experience to develop modern instruments to meet surgeon’s needs
– High, permanent quality & consistent designs
– Produced in Medicon facilities in Germany
– Focused on customer-oriented solutions

Medicon surgical instruments ideal for wards and recovery departments include:
Universal bandage scissors – various other sizes and styles available
Bandage scissors – various other sizes and styles available in spreaders, breakers and shears
Kristeller vaginal speculum/retractor – various other vaginal speculum and retractors in single blade, double blade or double ended available
Magill catheter introducing forceps – various other types of introduction devices and forceps available
Pratt rectal speculum various other rectal speculum, retractors and spreaders available
Oscillo Compact plaster saw – safely and quietly remove plaster and synthetic casts

Other product uses:
– General surgery
– Gynaecology and obstetrics
– Orthopaedic surgery
– ENT surgery
– Plastic surgery
– Cardiovascular surgery
– Neurosurgery
– Urology

Product catalogues
There are a range of Medicon catalogues available, if you would like to obtain one of these catalogues, please Contact Us and we can arrange for one to be sent to you.

Surgical instrument website
Alternatively, you can view the catalogue or purchase securely over 10,000 Medicon surgical instruments through our Surgical Instruments website –

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