An Australian Made ice pack that Is a safe, effective and natural way to soothe pain, reduce swelling and speed recovery. Medichill Cool Cubes are very economical and the cost per ice pack/application is often found to be substantially less than Gel and Instant ice packs.

The lightweight and low-profile design allows for minimal storage requirements and lower transportation costs. Prior to preparation, each ice pack is almost as thin and light as a sheet of paper and utilise harnessed water that can be chilled, frozen or heated. They are simple and quick to use and provide medication-free pain relief.

Medichill is ideal to provide soothing relief to patient’s after ENT procedures. Medichill is a versatile system which can be cut to size according to the patient’s needs – the bandages are large enough for relief post ENT surgery on the shoulders, neck and head and small enough for providing relief to the nose and ears.

Medichill can also be used after gastro procedures, including colonoscopies, where the pack can be heated if experiencing wind pain.

Other product uses:
– Maternity unit
– A&E department
– Outpatients
– Day surgery
– Operating theatre and recovery unit
– Physiotherapy
– Orthopaedic
– Radiology
– Gastroenterology

Medichill can become cold enough for instant relief and stays frozen longer than ice. It can also be warmed for muscle rehabilitation and other soothing relief.

For Public Hospitals in NSW, QLD, SA, these are tendered through NSC and available to buy direct or through Onelink (NSW). For all other States and Private Hospitals, NSC can supply direct – contact our customer service team on 1800 138 138.

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